International Archives Day 2015 Exhibition


  • 9th June (International Archives Day)
  • The Hong Kong Archives Society (HKAS), supported by The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe), celebrated International Archives on Day on 13 June 2015 with exhibitions from local archives and lectures from prominent archivists, historians and academics.
  • Theme: “Share your Stories”
  • HKSKH Archives are invited to participate in the exhibition and set up a booth.
  • 14 local archives participated with quite a lot of visitors on that day
  • Around a hundred of visitors visited our booth, amongst those, were local intellectuals, university professors, archives collector, former SKH teachers and students and friends form other denominations and public
  • Responses are very positive
Date: 13 June 2015 (Fri)
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe)
Western Street, Sai Ying Pun, HK

PPT showing (HKSKH Archives & History of HKSKH)
Displayed Books

  • 1st Chinese Book of Book of Common Prayer published by Diocese of South China, 1943
  • The Diocese of Victoria, Hong Kong: A hundred Years of Church History 1849-1949
  • 中華聖公會華南教區百年史畧
  • The Cross and The Lotus, Canon Lee Shiu Keung

Reproduction of Collections

  • Royal Letters Patent, 1849
  • Diocese of HK & Macao Coats of Arms, 1953
  • Bishop’s House Photo, c. 1890


  • List of Bishops in China, 1844-2014
  • HKSKH Archives Pamphlets (Chinese & English)
  • HKSKH Archives Introduction PPT hard copy booklet



  • Pamphlets of information form Provincial Website in Chinese & English, including HKSKH Brief Introduction, History, and Bishops Past & Present
  • Recent History Books re HKSKH Parishes, Welfare Council and Anglican History in China and also with limited copy on sale



A set of 6 postcards introducing our holdings and each has their own story behind

  1. Diocese HK & Macao, Coat of Arms, 1953
  2. Book of Common Prayer, trans. And ed. Bishop Burdon, 2nd. Ed., Hong Kong 1879
  3. Chinese Clergy of Kong-Yuet (South China), Diocese, 1930
  4. “Bishop’s House” by Janet Clasper 1983
  5. Stone Memorial for Bishop Hoare (1898-1906), Diocese of Victoria
  6. Bishop’s House, c. 1890


  • Response is good, many people are interested about the history of HKSKH and the possibility of using our archives
  • A good start for promotion of the HKSKH Archives
  • A channel to get to know other local archives and their professionals and we can share our experiences
  • For future exhibition, we may consider:
    - produce a more attractive poster
    - to reproduce high quality duplicate of precious archives and rare books for outside exhibition so as to avoid lost or touching of the real copy or to produce a display box to cover the archives
    - provide message board for guests to leave comments
    - think about different theme of collections to fit in different occasions