Four Record Groups

HKSKH Archival Holdings (Record Group I)
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HKSKH)

1. Bishops and Bishoprics

1.A. Bishops of HK, Macao and Victoria
1.B. Assistant Bishops of HK, Macao and Victoria
1.C. Bishop’s House
1.D. Bishops, Archbishops and Diocesan Bishops after 1981
1.E. Others


2. Diocese of Victoria and South China, HK & Macao

2.A Diocesan Synods
2.A.1 The First Diocesan Synod
2.B Diocesan Standing Committee
2.C Diocesan Finance Committee
2.D Other Committees
2.E Diocesan General Administration
2.E.1 Property
2.E.2 Cemetery
2.E.3 Personnel
2.E.4 Finance
2.E.5 Others
2.F Subsidiary Organizations
2.F.1 Bishop Duppuy (Victoria Diocesan Association)
2.F.2 Religious Education & Resource Centre
2.F.3 HKSKH Women’s League
2.F.4 Others


3. Relationship with Other Organizations

3.A. Local
3.A.1 Local Churches
3.A.2 Local Christian Organizations
3.A.3 Local Organizations
3.A.4 Others
3.B. Churches and Missionary Societies related to HKSKH
3.B.1 Missionary Societies
3.B.2 Churches of Anglican Communion
3.B.3 Others
3.C. Regional & Global Anglican Organizations
3.C.1 Council of Churches of East Asia (CCEA) (formerly know as Council of the Churches of South East Asia (CCSEA)
3.C.2 Anglican Consultative Council (ACC)
3.C.3 Primates Meeting
3.C.4 Lambeth Conference
3.C.5 Compass Rose Society
3.C.6 Others
3.D. Ecumenical programmes with other churches or organizations
3.D.1 Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) (formerly known as East Asia Christian Conference (EACC)
3.E. Relationship with Hong Kong Government
3.E.1 Relationship with Hong Kong Government to 1997
3.E.1.1 Secretariat Office
3.E.1.2 Education Department
3.E.1.3 Housing Department
3.E.1.4 Social Welfare Department
3.E.1.5 Others
3.E.2 Relationship with Hong Kong Government after 1997
3.E.2.1 Chief Executive’s Office
3.E.2.2 Development Bureau
3.E.2.3 Financial Service and the Treasury Bureau
3.E.2.4 Inland Revenue Department
3.E.2.5 Commissioner for Heritage Office
3.E.2.6 Law Courts (Judiciary)
3.E.2.7 Others
3.F. Others


4. Parishes and Deaneries

4.A. HKSKH Churches established before 1981
4.B. HKSKH Churches established after 1981
4.C Churches and Chapels administered by HKSKH
4.C.1 Morrison Chapel, Macao
4.C.2 Church in HK Cemetery
4.D Churches and Chapels for H.M. Forces
4.E. Others


5. Education and Schools

5.A. Tertiary Education
5.A.1 St. John’s College
5.A.2 Chung Chi College
5.B. Theological College
5.B.1 St. Paul’s Theological College
5.B.2 Union Theological College
5.B.3 Chung Chi College
5.B.4 Ming Hua Theological College
5.C. Secondary Schools
5.C.1 Secondary Schools established to 1981
5.C.2 Secondary Schools established after 1981
5.D. Primary Schools
5.D.1 Primary Schools established to 1981
5.D.2 Primary Schools which were closed down
5.D.3 Primary Schools established after 1981
5.E. Kindergartens
5.E.1 Kindergarten established to 1981
5.E.2 Kindergartens which were closed down
5.E.3 Kindergartens established after 1981
5.F. Others
5.F.1 Anglican (Hong Kong) Secondary Schools Council
5.F.2 Anglican (Hong Kong) Primary Schools Council
5.F.3 Anglican (Hong Kong) Early Childhood Education Council
5.F.4 Grant Schools


6. Social Welfare Work

6.A HKSKH Welfare Work (1850s – 1960s)
6.B HKSKH Welfare Council
6.C Welfare Units to 1981
6.D Others


7. Medical Work

7.A. HKSKH Medical Work, 1850-1930
7.B. HKSKH Clinics after 1930
7.C. Central Hospital (previously known as Stanton House)
7.D. Others


8. Projects and Events

8.A. Diocesan (to 1981)
8.B. Diocesan and Provincial after 1981
8.C. Others


9. Personnel

9.A. Chinese Clergy
9.B. Missionaries (CMS and others)
9.C. Military Clergy
9.D. Other Foreign Clergy
9.E. Chinese Lay Workers and Catechists
9.F. Clergy & Missionary and other HKSKH staff after 1981
9.G. Others


10. Publications

10.A. Periodicals
10.B. Other Books & Pamphlets 1842-1981
10.C. Diocesan Parish Publications
10.D. History
10.E. Provincial Publications (after 1998)
10.F. Others


11. Photographs and Albums

12. Artifacts

12.A General Description
12.B Artifacts on site
12.C Artifacts off site


13. Others

13.1 Maps
13.2 Press Cuttings
13.3 Others


HKSKH Archival Holdings (Record Group II)
Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui (CHSKH)

1. Anglican and Episcopal Missions in China (1835-1958)

1.A. Diocese of Shanghai
1.A.1 Bishops
1.A.2 Assistant Bishop
1.B. Diocese of Hong Kong/Victoria(See Record Group I)
1.B.1 Bishops
1.B.2 Assistant Bishop
1.C. Diocese of North China
1.C.1 Bishops
1.D. Diocese of Zejiang
1.D.1 Bishops
1.D.2 Assistant Bishop
1.E. Diocese of West China
1.E.1 Bishops
1.E.2 Assistant Bishop
1.F. Diocese of West Sichuan
1.F.1 Bishops
1.F.2 Assistant Bishop
1.G. Diocese of East Sichuan
1.G.1 Bishops
1.G.2 Assistant Bishop
1.H. Diocese of Hankou
1.H.1 Bishops
1.H.2 Assistant Bishop
1.I. Diocese of Shantung
1.I.1 Bishops
1.J. Diocese of Fujian
1.J.1 Bishops
1.J.2 Assistant Bishop
1.K. Diocese of Guangxi-Hunan
1.K.1 Bishops
1.K.2 Assistant Bishop
1.L. Diocese of Henan
1.L.1 Bishops
1.L.2 Assistant Bishop
1.M. Diocese of Anqing
1.M.1 Bishops
1.M.2 Assistant Bishop
1.N. Diocese of Shanxi
1.N.1 Bishops
1.O. Diocese of Yunnan-Guizhou
1.O.1 Bishops


2. CHSKH Dioceses

2.1 Diocese of Kiangsu, 1844
2.2 Diocese of Victoria/ South China, 1849 (See Record Group I)
2.3. Diocese of Zhejiang, 1872
2.4. Diocese of North China, 1880
2.5. Diocese of East Sichuan, 1895
2.6. Diocese of Hankou, 1895
2.7. Diocese of Shantung, 1903
2.8. Diocese of Fukien, 1906
2.9. Diocese of Guangxi-Hunan, 1907
2.10. Diocese of Henan, 1909
2.11. Diocese of Anqing, 1910
2.12. Diocese of Shaanxi, 1916
2.13. Diocese of West Sichuan, 1936


3. CHSKH Synods Anglican and Episcopal Mission in China Before 1912

3.1. First General Synod
3.2. Second General Synod
3.3. Third General Synod
3.4. Fourth General Synod
3.5. Fifth General Synod
3.6. Sixth General Synod
3.7. Seventh General Synod
3.8. Eighth General Synod
3.9. Ninth General Synod
3.10. Tenth General Synod
3.11. Others


4. CHSKH Administration

5. CHSKH Mission (Education, Social Welfare and Medical Work)

6. CHSKH Publications

7. CHSKH in Mainland China after 1951

8. The Episcopal Diocese of Taiwan

9. Others


HKSKH Archival Holdings (Record Group III)
Special Collections and Personal Papers

1. Dr. Otto Lam’s Collection on Christian Books and Tracts

2. Bishop John Gilbert Baker Papers (collected materials form Baker’s family)

3. Bishop R.O. Hall Papers (collected materials from Canon Christopher Hall)

4. Bishop K. H. Ting Papers (Dr. Philip L. Wickeri’s collected paper)

5. Others


HKSKH Archival Holdings (Record Group IV)
Oral History