Christianity as an Urban Religion

Christianity as an Urban Religion: An Historical Reflection on Mission and Evangelism, with Implications for Hong Kong and Mainland China Today
24 March 2017 Lutheran Theological Seminary Urban Mission Series


Professor Philip L. Wickeri, Ph.D. D.D. (The Rev’d.)
Advisor to the Archbishop on Historical and Theological Studies
Professor of Church History, Ming Hua Theological Seminary
Provincial Archivist Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui




魏克利牧師於324日在信義宗神學院進行題為「作為城市宗教的基督教:對香港及內地事工傳教的歷史反思」的演講。他以耶利米書第29章第「我  使       那城                                     」統領全篇,闡述了《新約》以及16世紀基督教作為「城市宗教」的概念。與此同時,魏牧師又探討了在現代基督教運動語境中,作為一種城市宗教,基督教扮演了何種角色。此外,又從基督教對於城市的福祉、勞工與傳教、世俗化等角度來思索作為城市宗教的基督教在香港及內地所扮演的角色。




“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on Its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”

  Jeremiah 29:7


In theology and Christian mission (missio dei), it is time once again to turn our attention to the city. We need to do this quite deliberately for cities are at the center of Christian mission. The city comes to us as a problem and a possibility for mission. In some parts of the world, urban Christianity is flourishing, even though the cities themselves may be in peril.