Learning about Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Churches

Date: Tuesday 01 Aug 2023

The summer interns visited two historic Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui churches at the end of July this year. In the morning, they visited St. John’s Cathedral. They were introduced to the architectural features of the Cathedral, as well as the Labyrinth and the Soldier’s monument outside the Cathedral. In the afternoon, they visited St. Stephen's Church and we were grateful to The Revd. Ip Kam Fai for introducing the murals and artifacts of the church’s history to them.

St. John's Cathedral opened for divine service in 1849. It is the oldest church in Hong Kong and the second oldest building in Hong Kong.

St. Stephen’s Church is the first Chinese church of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. It was established in 1865 in the Western District of Hong Kong Island.