New Acquisition: Encyclopedia of Modern China (Charles Scribner & Sons, 2009)

Date: Tuesday 19 Dec 2023

The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Archives is delighted to receive a copy of the Encyclopedia of Modern China (Charles Scribner & Sons, 2009) Volumes 1 to 4, from its editor-in-chief, Professor David Pong, a good friend of the Archives.

The Encyclopedia of Modern China provides a wealth of reliable and authoritative information on China. This colorful four-volume set contains more than 930 peer-reviewed articles and over 2,000 pages of alphabetically arranged entries – from Academia Sinica to Zuo Zongtang. This book was awarded the American Library Association’s Dartmouth Medal in 2009.

Professor David Pong is an internationally renowned historian specializing in Late Imperial and Early Republican China. He has taught for over forty years at the University of Delaware in the United States, in London, Australia (ANU), and at Princeton University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has received countless awards, including the “Asianist 2013” award given by the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Association for Asian Studies (USA).