Visit program for our interns 2022

Date: Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

On August 11, HKSKH Archives arranged a one-day visit and exchange program for the summer interns, hoping to provide them an insight into the work of historic conservation in Hong Kong and the history of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.

In the morning, the school chaplain of St. Stephen's Girls' College, Rev. Choi Lok-mei Lorraine, the librarian of SKH Ming Hua Theological College, Dr. Helen Cheung, our staff and interns visited St. Stephen's Girls' College. We were welcomed by Maggie Chau Wai Chu, the school principal, Ms. Y. Lee, the vice principal and Mrs. Louisa Yim the former vice principal. The Archives and the College had presented each other with history books and took photos. After that, Ms. Lee and Mrs. Yim introduced the history of the school and took us on a tour of the campus as well as the valuable exhibits in the Archives.

In the afternoon, our staff and interns visited HKSKH St. John's Cathedral. Ms. Chan, the communication officer of the Cathedral, made a detailed explanation of the history and architectural features of the church, including the tower and plaque at the church entrance, the design of the stained glass windows and the beautiful furniture inside the church.

Afterwards, we visited the library of Ming Hua Theological College. The librarian, Dr. Helen Cheung showed us the daily work of the library. In addition, she demonstrated the tools and technology used to help the library work so that all of us could better understand the operation of the library.