Visitors from Chung Chi College

Date: Wednesday 28 Jul 2021

On 26th July 2021 morning, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Archives was pleased to welcome professors, alumni and students from Chung Chi College. Prof. Fong Wing Ping, the Head of Chung Chi College and Prof. Philip Yuen Sang Leung, the former Head of Chung Chi College together with the participants ofCollege History Exploration Programme 2021: Heritage in Hong Kong” organized by Chung Chi College, visited the HKSKH’s Compound and learned the historical-relationship between Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and Chung Chi College.

Dr. Ruiwen Chen used historical material related to Chung Chi College in our Archives to introduce the relationship between Chung Chi College and our Anglican Church. After that, she brought them to visit the Hoare Memorial Building.

In March 1954, since the campus of Chung Chi College at No. 147 Caine Road was too small for the growing number of students, Bishop Ronald Owen Hall rented out the Hoare Memorial Building to the College until it moved to Ma Liu Shui in 1956.