Happy International Archives Day!

Date: Monday 08 Jun 2020

June 9 is International Archives Day. This date was obvious: ​​on the 9th of June 1948 the International Council on Archives was created under the auspices of UNESCO. This choice was immediately approved and adopted by the archives community as a whole.

“Archives record decisions, actions and memories. Archives are a unique and irreplaceable heritage passed from one generation to another. Archives are managed from creation to preserve their value and meaning. They are authoritative sources of information underpinning accountable and transparent administrative actions. They play an essential role in the development of societies by safeguarding and contributing to individual and community memory.

Open access to archives enriches our knowledge of human society, promotes democracy, protects citizens’ rights and enhances the quality of life.”

The HKSKH joins archives everywhere in celebrating this important day.




 Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Archives