Welcome to our Interns

Date: Wednesday 11 Oct 2017


The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Archives has additional assistance in recent months.  We have three interns joining us, Venus Man and Christine Lai from the Hong Kong Baptist University and Justin Kwan from Exeter University in the UK.  Our internship programme started in 2011 and we collaborate with local and overseas universities and Anglican churches.  Interns work here on either full-time or part-time basis and up till now we have received 20 interns, 18 local and 2 overseas students.  Through the internship program, interns learn about the archival work of our Church and have different exposures to related areas through visits and workshops.  Interns also contribute to the work here in the Archives.  We take this opportunity to thank all our interns for their hard work and look forward to greeting new interns in the future.

Simple book binding and box making class for interns (Justin Kwan & Venus Man) 


Arranging Archival Library Book by Intern (Christine Lai)