Basic Book Conservation Course

Date: 13 Oct - 1 Dec 2015 (8 lessons)
Time: Tuesday from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Venue: Bishop’s House Conference
Tutor: Mr. Lai Chun Ying 黎鎮英 (Conservation Specialist)
  • engaging in book conversation work for more than 40 years
  • teaching archival conservation course in Hong Kong and Mainland for many years

Mr. Lai Chun Ying 黎鎮英 (Conservation Specialist)

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction and basic theory of paper and archives conservation
  2. How to handle insects, dirt, mildew, acid and fragility of paper
  3. Basic Western and Chinese book binding techniques
  4. Basic repairing techniques for book edge, cover and book binding and application tools
  5. Glue making and application
  6. Tailor made of archival box and file cover
  7. Best way for conservation of photos and certificates

Participants (8)

  1. The Revd Dr. Philip L. Wickeri (HKSKH Archives)
  2. Dr. Ruiwen Chen (HKSKH Archives)
  3. Ms. Michelle Lin (HKSKH Archives)
  4. Dr. Otto Lam (HKSKH Archives Advisory Committee Member)
  5. The Revd Vincent Chan (HKSKH Archives Advisory Committee Member)
  6. Ms. Helen Cheung (Ming Hua Theological College Library)
  7. Ms. Jennifer Yeung (Ming Hua Theological College Library)
  8. Mr. Kelvin Lau (Diocesan Boys’ School)


Book Binding

Making Archival Box

Paper Conservation

Dinner with Conservation Specialist Mr. Lai Chun Ying