Ms. Joyce So

Ms. Joyce So is a qualified accountant from the University of Sydney with a B. Economics and has attained professional qualification as a CPA (HK & Australia). She started her career in one of the four professional accounting firms in HK and progressed onto work for HSBC Ltd as one of their tax advisers in their HK headquarter. She continued her professional career working in the London legal firm Linklaters in their Hong Kong Asian hub as their Asian tax person. After that she discontinued from professional accounting career and founded a children bookshop also offering English tutoring in Hong Kong. She started pursuing her academic studies from 2010 and has achieved the following credentials:

Chinese University of Hong Kong

LLM (Chinese Business Law)

Sept 2010 – June 2012

Peking University

Master of History (Chinese History)

Sept 2014 – June 2017

Dissertation Topic: Illustration of British Colonial Rule through Police Force in Early Hong Kong (1841-1880)


Peking University

PhD Candidate of History (Contemporary & Modern Chinese History)

Sept 2018 – Present

(to be completed in 06/2022)

Dissertation Topic: Role of Policing and HK Police in Riots and Disturbances during the 19th Century