The Revd Vincent Chan Wing Fung

The Revd Vincent Chan Wing Fung, Clergy of SKH Diocese of Western Kowloon, Vicar of St. Matthias Church, member of Provincial Commissions on theological education, board member of Religious Education Resource Centre and SKH St. Christopher's Home, member of The Education Department, The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union.

The Revd. Chan worked as a Research Assistant in Centre for Catholic Studies, CUHK. He research in 19th-Century Hong Kong Catholic Cemetery and History of Religious Congregations in Hong Kong. The Executive Editor of Michel and the Dragon. He issued a presentation paper about the studies on Who Hop Shek Public Cemetery (co-write)in the Conference of HK Cemetery Studies, Chapter of Chinses in Malacca at the Book of Field Trip Studies in Malacca( 2008, CUHK). His recent publish: Thy Word is a Lamp: Six Psalms for a Pilgrimage Life. (RERC, 2019)

The Revd. Chan is a graduate of CUHK(Cultural and Religious studies, concentration in Religious Education), M.Div. in Ming Hua Theological College.