Donation of Rev. Canon Lee Shiu Keung's books

Date: Wednesday 28 Sep 2022

We are grateful for the donation of Mr. Chou I-Fu's "Biography of Canon Lee Shiu Keung” and Rev. Canon Lee Shiu Keung's books from Rev. Tang Hing Lin. The writings including the history of Church, sermons and spiritual essays.


 A History of the Early and Medieval Church
Author:                   Rev. Canon S.K.Lee
1st Edition:            1964
Publisher:               Chinese Christian Literature Council


Into the Vineyard
Author:                Rev. Canon S.K.Lee
1st Edition:          1970
Publisher:            Chinese Christian Literature Council


Spiritual Light – A Collection of Sermons & Essays
Author:                  Rev. Canon S.K.Lee
1st Edition:          1976
Publisher:              Chinese Christian Literature Council

Biography of Canon Lee Shiu Keung
Author:                Chou I-Fu
1st Edition:           1974
Publisher:             Society for the Study of Religion and Culture


Rev. Canon Lee Shiu Keung﹙1910-1969, was a native of Hsiu-Hui, Kwangtung Province. After graduating from St. Paul’s Boys’ School in the 1920s, he went to St. John’s University in Shanghai. In 1932, he transferred to Lingnan University in Canton. From there he went on to Ridley Hall, Cambridge, to study theology. On his return, he became a Lecturer in History in Lingnan University where he was later assigned as an Assistant-Professor. There he met Gilbert Baker, later Bishop of Hong Kong, who was also teaching at Lingnan University.

In 1941, he went to Harvard University and received his Master of Arts degree. Then he went to Hartford Theological Seminary where he hoped to receive his doctorate degree in divinity, but terminated his studies due to illness and subsequently returned to China.

In 1951, Lee Shiu Keung was ordained deacon in Chung Hua Sheung Kung Hui, diocese of Hong Kong and Macao. In 1954, he was ordained priest and became an assistant priest at St. Paul’s church. In 1965, the Right Reverend Bishop R.O. Hall appointed him Canon Theologian. The ceremony held in St. John’s Cathedral.

The HKSKH Archives also has books by Rev. Canon Lee Shiu Keung, including The Life of Christ (1964), The Cross and Lotus (1971) and The Hart and the Water-brook -An Anthology of Prayers (1971).